for the iPhone

Access to your iPhone's GPS functionality and more.

The simple display shows your current:

Street and Topographic maps are available care of several different map providers including and

And trace statistics including:

Via the settings you can:

In the navigation bar:


  • The version of the application
  • A link to this page
  • Clear all recorded history and statistics
  • Clear cached map tiles

Display (and calculations)

  • Speed: Miles/Hour, Km/Hour or Knots
  • Latitude & Longitude: Formats or UTM.
  • Distances: Miles, Kilometres or Nautical miles
  • Altitude: Feet or Meters
  • Speed Average: Direct or averaged


  • Keep the application running when not touched.
  • Continue a trace while in the background.
  • Enable a reserve so the battery does not go completely flat.
  • How much reserve should be kept.
  • Automatically pause the trace when you stop.


  • f Feet
  • m Meters
  • mph Miles Per Hour
  • kph Kilometres Per Hour
  • kn Knots
  • - - -Not available.
  • ° Degrees
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • HH:MM:SS Time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds